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The Inter Map is a system for defining links between Wiki Wiki Web sites that was first developed by UseMod:UseModWiki and Meatball:MeatballWiki. Inter Map links have the form HostPrefix:Page, where the host prefix is converted to a partial URL based on entries in the site's intermap.txt and localmap.txt files.

The default intermap.txt distributed with Pm Wiki includes the following Inter Map entries:

Thus, PmWiki:Variables becomes a link to the PmWiki.Variables page on the official PmWiki web site, Wiki:FrontPage is a link to the front page of the first Wiki Wiki Web, and Wikipedia:Stonehenge takes you to the Wikipedia article about the famous megaliths in England.

Inter Map links can be used to link to non-wiki pages: ISBN:020171499X is a link to's entry for The Wiki Way by Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham (an excellent book about WikiWikiWebs in general).

In addition, PmWiki provides four special Inter Map links called ThisPage, ThisGroup, ThisWiki, and ThisSite. These provide URI-shortcuts to the current (wiki) page, Wiki Group, wiki site, or site root URI respectively. Some examples of each:

  ThisPage:?action=edit                  edits the current page
  ThisGroup:GroupAttributes?action=attr  link to set group passwords
  ThisWiki:?action=crypt                 builds an encrypted password
  ThisSite:/index.php                    link to /index.php on the current site

The actual set of Inter Map links at any site is defined by the site administrator; for more details, see PmWiki.CustomInterMaps.

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